1 Year

I can't believe it's been a year since we visited the ER with Kaelyn only to leave the hospital 7 hours later to pack up and head for Salt Lake to begin our journey in getting rid of her cancer. It actually seems like much longer than a year ago that all of this began.

Today, Kaelyn is practically back to herself.  We had her 6 month scans a couple of weeks ago which came back completely normal (Well, she was missing a kidney, so mostly normal). 6 months off of chemotherapy means we could stop the weekly antibiotics since her immune system is back in business. The only remaining side effect we are dealing with now are the effects of some of the peripheral neuropathy. She has not fully recovered, leaving her ankles less flexible than they should be. This causes her to easily lose her balance, and she is tripping all the time! The doc ordered physical therapy to get her ankles back to normal so we are currently working on some exercises that will help. So really, life couldn't be better. We are so blessed.

Kaelyn's most recent doctor's visit was a bittersweet appointment for us. Though we received such wonderful news as far as the health of our daughter is concerned, we also found out a sweet little friend of Kaelyn's, just a year older, had just received some bad news. A brave little 5 year old who has been fighting cancer for 4-1/2 years has just found his cancer has spread to numerous parts of his brain and is dying. This has been a very emotional time for me. It's difficult for me to understand why we were dealt the hand we were, given a cancer with therapy that has a high success rate, and this little boy and his family have it so differently. I have a testimony of our Father in Heaven's Plan for us, and I know that my mortal brain cannot comprehend his purposes. I'm grateful to know that this child will have the opportunity to be with his family again, to continue being raised by his wonderful parents. I'm grateful to know that he will be freed of his pain and suffering. I'm just sad that those of us staying behind, most especially his family, will not have the joy of his presence for the rest of our lives on earth.

There is so much tragedy all around us which continually leaves me feeling blessed and grateful for all that I have. This experienced has opened my eyes, and my heart, and I am grateful for it. Here's to the next year staying free of cancer!


  1. Glad to hear that she is doing so well and sad to hear about the little friend. It is so hard to celebrate when you watch others suffer still and wonder what the Lord's plan is. As I have read your updates and stories, and having a little girl so close in age to yours, I often find myself wondering how you deal with it all and how overwhelming this all would be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings along with way to help me remember the importance of each day.

  2. Oh I'm so glad she's cancer free and doing so great! What great news! I'm sorry about her sweet little friend. Such a hard trial, I can't even imagine, but thank you for sharing your testimony! You've been such an example of strength and faith through all of this. I'm also so grateful for the knowledge that this life is just a glimpse in the whole scheme of things and that one day we will be able to see all the answers to all the 'why' questions that arise in this life.

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